• SHOTOKAI – This site is the largest available to the public on Shotokai. It contains a vast library of photographs, videos, essays and interviews and should be considered a must read for followers of Master Egamis karate.

  • KARATE DO SHOTOKAI – This is the home site of Sensei Harada one of the few remaining students of Master Gichin Funakoshi, Sensei Harda, a Godan at the age of 28, came to Britain in the early 60s to practice and escape political arguments in Karate, he has a very large following and is highly respected. Site contains information regarding open courses, book club and links to other Shotokai sites.

  • KAMIKAZE KARATE SUPPLIES – Retail martial arts supplies website. Contains links to courses around europe and throughout the world.


    Sensei Pascal Lecourt – Written in French but contains many relevant videos of Kata, Bunkai, Kihon and old JKA Kumite.


    Scottish Shotokan Academy – Closely linked association with clubs throughout Scotland. List of courses, events and articles.

  • SKGB

    Scottish Karate Governing Body  The Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB) is the only Governing Body in Scotland recognised by sportscotland and local authorities. Lists all registered coaches and Dan grades, course listings and current news.

  • KSKA – Sensei Kases’ Instructors Academy. Includes the Dan grading syllabus and course listings around europe.